building.JPGWelcome to Wolf Honey Farm

Our mission is to produce a quality, natural and wholesome food, provide education on health benefits of honey, and to encourage public awareness to protect our habitat for bees and butterflies.

Honey is the world’s best known treatment for burns, infected wounds and skin ulcers. It can kill wound bacteria that are resistant to antibiotic drugs. Using honey instead of sugar adds antioxidant protection to your diet.

Wolf Honey Farm honey is gathered from the lush fields of clover and wild flowers of the beautiful St. Croix Valley. We use all modern stainless steel equipment in our processing facilities. We are careful to remove our honey at the peak of flavor.


Package Bee Pricing Lists, Order Form and Beekeeping Classes/ we are sold out of nucs and 1 story hives    Due to unseasonably cold weather in Georgia all pickups of package bees have been delayed 1 week.  1st Load is full!!


Click Here -  2016 Bee Price List and Order Form

Welcome to the World of Beekeeping

Take a beekeeping class!

Beginner beekeeping classes: We will be doing two classes this year on February 6, 2016

from 8:00 to 3:30 and two evenings Mar. 1 and Mar. 8, 2016  from 6:00 to 9:00 at Peace Lutheran Church in Baldwin. Located 1 mile south of I94 on Hwy 63. Cost of class will be $96.50 and $20.00 for extra family member. 

Taught by Dale Wolf  45 years of Beekeeping and Commercial Honey Production.

  • Learn the basics of beekeeping, From installing packages to harvesting honey
  • We use a basic beginners book plus knowledge of experience
  • Learn some history of beekeeping
  • Harvesting your bounty
  • Tips on how to be a super honey sales person
  • Some health benefits of honey and other products of the hive

Some of the products that we offer are:

beeoncomb.jpgLiquid Honey:
Our primary flavor source is Clover, but we do have Wildflower, Basswood and Buckwheat.

Whipped or Creamed Honey:
Finely crystallized with natural dried fruits, nuts and natural extracts added. Our flavors include - Cinnamon, Pecan Maple, Apricot, Blueberry, Cranberry, Ginger Spice, Lemon and Almond Nut.

Comb Honey:
As nature presents it, in edible bees wax comb.

Extra Virgin Honey:
Also known as raw honey, unheated and unfiltered.

Beeswax Propolis Salve:
From ancient times honey, beeswax and propolis have been used as a healing agent.

Cold, Cough & Sore Throat Formula Nature's Healer (Honey & Propolis) Propolis has bacterial, antitoxic, anathesic, anti-flamitory, regenative and analgesic action. Propolis has been used successfully in treatments where standard methods have failed. Directions: One teaspoon whenever needed, leave in your mouth for 2-3 minutes and let it melt.

History of Wolf Honey Farm:

Dale is a third generation honey producer, learning the art of beekeeping from his father who started beekeeping at the age of eight by catching a swarm with the help of his Uncle Ben who was a beekeeper. Dale started his own operation in 1970 and is now a master beekeeper and chandler. We produce many products in addition to our quality honey gathered from bountiful fields of Western Wisconsin’s beautiful St. Croix Valley.

Farmer's Markets

We invite you to stop in for a free taste sample of our delicious honey or visit our stand at one of the local St. Paul Farmers Markets around the St. Paul, Minnesota area.We are at the Aldrich Arena and St. Thomas Moore Church only once a month.


Roseville - 8am - 12pm May 5- Oct. 27
Location: Corpus Christi Catholic Church
2131 Fairview Ave. North
Go to for more information

VA Hospital  1 PM - 5PM  June 16 - Oct. 27

Main entrance to VA Hospital in Minneapolis


Aldrich Arena - 8am - 12pm May 13 - Oct. 28 Only last full week of every month
1850 White Bear Avenue


Burnsville - 12 pm - 5 pm May 7 - Oct. 29
3333 Cliff Road
Veterans Memorial Community Center - 8055 Barbara Ave.


St. Thomas More Church - 1:15 pm - 5pm May 1 - Oct. 30 Only last full week of each month
Summit and Lexington Ave.


Downtown St. Paul - 6am - 1pm May 2- Nov. 21
5th Ave and Wall Street


Downtown St. Paul - 8 am - 1 PM May 3 - Nov. 22
5th Ave and Wall Street

Winter Market Saturdays

Downtown St. Paul - 9am - 12pm Dec. 4- April. 16
5th Ave and Wall Street

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