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Wolf Honey Farm

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Baldwin, WI 54002
Phone 715-684-2095
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At this time I will not be taking orders for one-story hives and nucs. In the past it has not worked out to depend on others to provide nucs. If my bees come through this winter looking good and I can make up my losses, I could still have a few to sell later but will not take orders for now.

I have also decided to no longer offer two pound packages of bees. I have considered this for a couple of years and decided the cons outweigh the pros.

The last ten years I have noticed our main honey flow has been coming earlier and if you don’t have your bees built up strong by then you miss out and like this last year we did not have a later flow so you end up feeding your bees to get through the winter. With a three pound package you have a much better chance of getting them strong for when the flow starts. It only takes a couple pounds of honey to pay the extra cost which can mean a honey crop or no honey crop.

To Order: Please fill out Order Form PDF located within the link at the top of the page. Completed order forms can be sent to

A Note on Cost: Because it is costing more to keep bees healthy, all package producers are raising their prices.

Bees: Our package bees are a cross of Buckfast with Italian using Minnesota Hygienic behavior. 

Bee Syrup Feeder: The spring weather the last couple of years has not been very good for starting bees. The type of syrup feeder is very important for success of the colony. This year we are offering a sturdy one gallon feeder pail with a screen hole that can be inverted over the inner cover hole, enclose with an empty hive body. This is the very best type of feeder for inclement weather. Order ahead and save.


Wisconsin bred - Italian cross and a Russian/Carniolan cross

Available after June 1st.

Location: Jordan Bendel

Phone: 608-634-2974


Package Cages: We no longer charge a deposit on cages but we do need cages returned in good reusable condition.

Package bee pick up: We will call everyone when we know that the bees are arriving.

Important Disclaimer

  • Delivery date will be held as close as possible. Due to weather and travel problems, you will be notified if a delay results
  • Cancelations must be made by March 15. No refunds after this date unless packages can be sold
  • Bees MUST be picked up on the designated pick up day during our pick up schedule
  • Package bees not picked up within 24 hours of pick up day will be forfeited with no refund